Updated: Sep 30, 2018

To say I have changed over the last few years would be trite. I have become a mother, nearly lost a child, am battling an autoimmune condition, told my dog had cancer (then told she didn’t), been unemployed (then employed), suffered severe anxiety, felt utterly lost, felt as though everything was falling apart, been stretched so much farther than my limits, am finally facing my own limiting beliefs, battled loneliness / tears / trials / tribulations… and am making it through.

No, I have not merely changed. I have been unraveled, unwoven, undone, re-patterned, reprogrammed, rewritten.


This is what Wellness Crafted is about. It’s about the things that rewrite us. The things that change us and help us grow. We live in a world that greatly honors successes. But what about its partner, the journey? There’s something to be said for the lacking narratives on how we got to where we are. And, truly, that's the most important piece.

We need to ignite the conversations on how we dealt with the frustrations, the tears, the moments of inescapable loneliness, the failures – all the things that give us perspective and ultimately help us transform. These are the things that connect us. These are the stories that should be told.

I'm still rebuilding, and still have so many lessons to learn. And as I continue to grow, I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned and continue to share what I will learn. I’d like to share where I failed and where I triumphed and where I plan to do better and what I plan to do next. I’d like to share with you whatever I can, because that’s how we all progress: by sharing our stories and lifting each other up.

Let’s celebrate our new selves while paying tribute to our old selves. Let’s be inspired by the journey each of us is taking to craft our lives, purpose, and wellness. Thank you for coming along with me!!!


<3, Saritha

“and so she moves forward, with a little more wisdom, a heart that is more open to love, and with a mind that welcomes deep healing.”

–Yung Pueblo


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