Copy of Labor _ Post-Partum Healing Plan
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This is a one-of-a-kind plan to complement your birth plan. It's a deep-dive into your energy system, resulting in a highly detailed, tailored plan to support labor/delivery and your post-partum experience.

This plan will offer intuitive guidance and remedies for the following:

  • any specific intentions or concerns you may have

  • any chakra healing or balancing needed prior to labor/delivery

  • during labor/delivery - mindset, calming methods/remedies, support for pain and contractions, visualizations, essential oils and crystals, peri-spray and any other intuitive guidance/recommendations that come forward

  • post-partum - recommendations for umbilical cord, peri spray, milk supply, energy management, cramping/soreness, hormonal support, remedies for newborn (jaundice, massage, cradle cap), further connecting with baby

  • any other guidance that comes forward including channeled guidance from guides/animal spirits

This truly is a unique plan to support you and your baby energetically during a very significant, life-changing experience.


Recommend we complete this reading about 2 months prior to your due date.

Session conducted as distance healing/reading.

*All distance sessions are conducted within 5 to 7 working days from the scheduled booking date.