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Packages Available:

  • 4 healing sessions for $200

  • Family packages / children pricing available upon request

  • Advanced healing for morphogenetic chakras available

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Our energy system is a vast network of pathways and nodes connecting our organs, immune system, emotions, chakras - everything that makes us "us" - in a web that is further entwined with the earth and ether. 

When our energy flows freely, it allows us to live and feel vibrant and abundant AF. 

Energy flow may become blocked or trapped for sooooo many reasons, including trapped emotions, ancestral patterns, subconscious programming, trauma or negative experiences - the reasons are endless. 

True healing - at the root - requires us to take a look at our energy system and work to release any blocks or limits so our life force can flow freely.

In this session, you'll experience a beautifully, relaxing full body chakra balancing and healing experience. My healing approach is based on integrating multiple healing modalities from my deep energetic toolkit to alchemize stagnant energy and support wellness and balance of your energy system at the highest scale. This is done by tailoring the session and incorporating the modalities that your unique soul blueprint is seeking to allow release and support wellness on ALL levels - physical, emotional and spiritual. 


The session ends with grounding the energy body for calm, peace and balance.

Sessions conducted via distance healing; in-person options available for local clients (San Diego, CA)

*All distance sessions are conducted within 5 to 7 working days from the scheduled booking date.