Host your own Healing Party! (the details)

The Healing Party is a soulful event that allows us to carve out time to truly wind down and put ourselves first! Gather a small group of friends to hang out, catch up and get some healing!

This event includes:
Info Drop: Introduction to Energy Healing, the energy body, and vibrational physics.

Group Guidance: Group intuitive reading and guidance to support our collective healing and ascension journey

Get Centered: Group meditation for grounding and clearing the energy body and mind

Play Time: Learn divination basics and get a chance to play with oracle cards, crystals, pendulums, essential oils and look through a variety of energy healing reference guides and materials

GIFT: As a THANK YOU, each guest will receive a custom-crafted essential oil blend tailored specifically for their unique energy blueprint to promote healing/wellness

OPTIONAL: Individual Healing Activation Readings (see Add-Ons)

INVESTMENT:  $44 per guest
*travel charges may apply for locations more than 30mi away from San Diego, CA area (92064)


Individual Healing Activation Reading:

In addition to ALL the goodness listed above, guests may opt for a personal healing session. Guests may choose 1 of the following 2 services:

  • Healing Activation Reading - I will conduct a body scan to determine the priority area in need of balancing. I will transmit healing and provide recommendations to bring healing to this priority issue, activating a healing resonance at all auric levels

  • Energy Alchemy Session - healing and balancing of your chakra system, integrating various modalities tailored to your unique energetic blueprint, supporting healing and wellness at all auric levels


For more info on my techniques and modalities, please check out About Me

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