essential oils

You should feel empowered AF. You should have a healing toolbox filled with everything you need to tackle all of the things you face on a constant basis. The healing journey can feel overwhelming at times. And when it does, you should be able to take a deep breath, and reach into that Mary Poppins bag of a toolkit to support your physical, emotional or energetic needs in that moment.

Essential Oils are a powerful tool and a simple way to incorporate natural, non-toxic wellness and spiritual practices within your home, enabling you to awaken your Inner Healer.

I discovered oils when Kiddo #1 was 5 months old. I was only a couple years into my holistic wellness journey and knew there had to be a way to reduce the toxic load on her teeny bod. Since then my knowledge and love of the versatility of Essential Oils has grown exponentially.

There are a lot of people sharing oils out there now. And a lot of people who regurgitate the same marketing fluff. Essential Oils will not be the sole tool to cure you of any ailment. It is not the end-all-be-all remedy. But they are versatile and powerful when used intentionally.

How do I incorporate oils?

  • Physical Wellness – teething, diaper care, headache management, immunity-boosting, fever management, inflammatory response management, detoxification, home cleaning products, Digestive Relief, Muscle/Pain Rub, Lymphatic Clearing, Organ Balancing 

  • Emotional Wellness – Manage Anxiety, Grounding, Emotional Balancing, Calming, Energizing, Focus, Clarity

  • Spiritual Wellness – Hone Intuition, Meditation, Release of Blocks/Limiting Beliefs, Vibrational Ascension, Energetic Boundaries/Shielding, Spiritual Alignment, Attuning to Spirit Realm, Ancestral Connection, New and Full Moon Rituals, Chakra Balancing, Past Life Healings

Oils can serve as a powerhouse and are an integral part of our wellness toolkit.

I know you’ll love them too!

What are essential oils?

(and how to use them)

my favorite oils 


Past Tense








Oil of Grounding  a calming oil bringing us to the present moment. Supports calming overactive children. Improves stress and overwhelm. Supports a grounding, connected, persevering state of presence.

Oil of Relief – supports release of stress and emotional tension resulting in headaches. Teaches the body to calm and relax, bringing balance to the body and energy system. 

Oil of Truth – amplifies all other oils, improves clarity. Creates new perspectives based on light and truth. Connects the soul with inner light and wisdom. 

Oil of Self-Acceptance – Cleanses stagnant feelings and limiting beliefs. Imparts true self-acceptance and confidence by learning to love yourself unconditionally.

Oil of Compassion – Supports feelings of interconnection; maternal nurturing that facilitates deep healing and soul-level change. Supports connection with the divine feminine.

Oil of Focus – highly cleansing and clearing. Great for detoxification. Supports congestion/runny nose. Supports focus and mental clarity.

Oil of Assimilation – promotes healthy digestion. Supports processing emotional experiences – translating it into usable form. Supports assimilation of new information and possibilities. 

Oil of Restoration – repairs on all levels – physical, emotional and mental. Powerful properties reach into damaged or blocked aspects of self to restore any fragmented or lost aspects. Promotes resilience, confidence, groundedness, belief and trust.

Oil of Divine Love – highest vibration oil – powerful heart healer. Wraps you in warmth, charity and compassion. Invites us to experience unconditional love. Allows heart to fully open and receive compassion and love.

you ready to do this thing yet?

Let’s Launch This Magical Healing Journey….

Oils will hands down amplify your healing toolkit, enhancing your physical, emotional and spiritual healing journey. I’m excited to support you with building your oil toolkit and to teach you all of my oil hacks!

It’s easy peasy to get started today! When you join my team, you don’t get a fancy sales pitch. You get real, no-nonsense, intentional tips on how to use oils for your highest ascension path. Not only will you experience all the incredible healing benefits of oils, but you also get some pretty cool gifts from me!

When you join my community, you receive some special perks:


Wellness Consultation (30 mins) - I want to make sure you feel comfortable using oils. During this consult we’ll discuss which oils suit your unique needs, the many ways to use oils, how to set up a monthly order (if you’re interested), and any other oily teach you all of my oil hacks!



Intuitively-crafted custom oil blend – Receive a reading for an intuitively-crafted, custom oil and crystal blend to promote wellness. Blends created via intuitive guidance to support balance in physical, emotional and energetic body.



FREE Samples – receive samples of two oils that did not come with your kit/purchase and info on how to best utilize for your wellness journey



The Oil Sanctuary ($900 per year) - Online content library from our upline filled with rituals, remedies and protocols incorporating CPTG essential oils. Ex: Protection Ritual, Cleansing Ritual, Protocol for Lyme disease, Crystal + Oil Pairings, Meditation for Abundance, Chakra Healing with Oils… and more!



Oil Camp 1 – amazing educational resources our upline have created exclusively for our customers. Our top priority is to help you learn how to use oils safely and effectively so you can feel comfortable and confident. This is a two-week online program complete with video coaching including DIY ideas, recipes, education and giveaways!



Oil Camp 2 -next-level interactive educational tool to help you discover even more ways to use your oils and take advantage of membership for those that have completed Oil Camp 1. You’ll learn from our experts with more in-depth explanations on important issues. Our veterinarian will cover oils for animals, an autoimmune specialist will explain why clean skin care is important, and our herbalist will cover oils for hormonal support.


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So excited for you saying YES to radical self-care and healing emotionally, physically and spiritually. It’s about time for you to LEVEL THE F UP. You'll become a part of an amazing community with the same values and aspirations. So let's start, shall we?!​