Energy Healing 101

Energy Healing...

it's all about frequency

Everything in this world, the universe is made of energy. Energy is "information that vibrates," and all matter vibrates constantly. The rate of vibration (frequency) gives information about what this energy is -- whether it's sound, a liver cell, a thought, an atom, water, or a flower seed. 

We may not be able to see these subtle layers, but they exist nonetheless and can be perceived by their effect. For example, things like sound, air, gravity, certain wavelengths of light - these are not things we can see, but know they are as real as colors and objects. 

In addition to WHAT the energy is, frequency is also an indicator of how healthy/good/positive something is, or conversely how unhealthy/bad/negative something is. For example, flu/colds run around 50MHz, grief/fear run around 70-80 MHz, love runs at 500 MHz, etc. 

This is what energy healing is based on. Healing energies have a specific frequency, and fall within higher frequency ranges not visible to the human eye. These healing frequencies are channeled by the healer and sent to your energy field to bring your holistic energetic frequency UP (i.e. raising your vibe). By keeping your frequency high, more healing can occur, including maintaining positivity, peace and wellness. 


Energy connects the body's physical, emotional, mental and energetic layers

and beyond...

Each person has an energy field throughout which energy flows. Our body has multiple nodes, i.e. chakras, which are also known as energy centers. The energy then flows from these centers throughout our meridian system, by which it reaches our organs, bones, immune system, nervous system, etc. Our energy fields also interact with all that is around us (including people) and within the universe. 


When our energy flows freely and smoothly, without any blockages, we feel grounded, calm, peaceful and healthy. Any imbalance, whether through a block or over-activity, can result in a number of symptoms at the energetic, emotional or physical level. 

Even more interestingly, is that a physical symptom will also have a corresponding emotional symptom and energetic symptom, all tied to the root of the matter. This connection is because energy flows throughout all of our subtle energy layers -- another way of saying our "aura." We each have 12 Auric Layers - with the physical layer being the innermost layer. 

Examples of multi-faceted symptoms:

- Constipation as a symptom of not processing an experience or your emotions

- Hypothyroidism as a symptom of not freely speaking your truth

- Suppressed immune system as a symptom of an ancestral pattern of fear

- Headaches as a symptom of resistance to connection

- Digestive issues as a symptom of not stepping into your personal power

- Knee pain as a symptom of resistance to move forward

Through energy healing we dive into the ROOT of the matter and support wellness at ALL levels - physical, emotional and energetic by transmitting varying healing frequencies, addressing subconscious patterns, and creating protocols all uniquely tailored to your energetic blueprint. 

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