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I'm so excited to help you on your journey with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils from doTerra. You are one step away from getting these powerhouses into your healing toolkit. Fill out the information below and your order will be placed and shipped right to your door.

This purchase will bring you the perks of being a wholesale customer, which includes: 25% off all orders, points back on shipping and a portion of every purchase, eligibility for free monthly products, and access to our support community! There is no monthly commitment.

For a limited time I'm also including some ADDITIONAL BONUSES for anyone who purchases a KIT:

FREE WELLNESS CONSULTATION (30 mins): ($44 value) I want to make sure you feel comfortable using oils. During this consult we will discuss which oils would be best based on your unique needs, the many ways to use oils, how to set up a monthly order (if you're interested), and any other oily details.

FREE INTUITIVELY-CRAFTED CUSTOM OIL BLEND: ($46 value) Receive a reading for an intuitively-crafted, custom essential oil blend to promote wellness or address health concerns. Blends created via intuitive guidance to support balance in physical, emotional and energetic body.

FREE SAMPLES: Receive samples of two oils that did not come with your kit/purchase.

FREE ACCESS TO THE OIL SANCTUARY: ($900 per year) Online content library from our upline filled with rituals, remedies and protocols incorporating CPTG essential oils. Examples of content include: protection ritual, cleansing ritual, protocol for Lyme disease, crystal + oil pairings, meditation for abundance, chakra healing with oils... and more is being added all the time!

FREE ACCESS TO OIL CAMP: (value $299) Oil camp is an amazing educational resource my team and I have created exclusively for our customers. Our top priority is helping our new customers learn how to use their oils safely and effectively. We want you to feel comfortable and confident diving into your essential oils right away! Oil Camp is a two-week training program run on Facebook, complete with video coaching from oil coaches on our team, idea sharing, community building and LOTS of giveaways. The time commitment is 10-20 minutes per day, and you can participate whenever it's most convenient for you throughout the day. Oil Camp is a huge hit with new customers and was designed with new oil users in mind!

Grab a calculator, and you'll see that's over $1200 in free content/perks!

Very excited to support you on this journey. Let's get to it!



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STEP ONE:  Select Your Enrollment Kit

Enrolling by purchasing an Enrollment Kit is the most cost-effective way to get the most out of your essential oils. The traditional $35 enrollment fee is waived with the purchase of any enrollment kit.



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Only want a couple things?

A kit would be the most cost-effective way to start off your oil journey, however you may purchase single oils, supplements and other doTerra products with the wholesale discount. A $35 enrollment fee will be added to your order total (just like a Costco membership fee), giving you 25% off all your future oil purchases. 

If going w/ this option, select "N/A" above for your Kit Selection, then enter the individual oils you'd like to purchase in the text box below.

Would you like me to do a reading and intuitively choose a few oils for you? Message me!


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STEP FIVE:  The Legal Stuff


As with all health and wellness products, I understand they are not intended to serve as a medical solution and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or disease. Product(s) are not a substitute for professional medical care.


Shipping and tax will be added upon order processing. The purpose of this form is solely to collect information. This form does not process your payment. Your payment will be processed online via doTerra International Inc., through a secure and encrypted connection. You will be charged $25 each year for your annual renewal fee and will receive a free bottle of Peppermint (valued at $27).

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Yes, I understand

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