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It's time to stop settling.

To stop dealing with the aches in your body because this is how it's always been.

To stop thinking your new normal is to have less energy than you did before.

To stop thinking your anxiety will always control you.

To stop thinking there's nothing you can do about your overwhelm or grief or sadness.

It's time to ignite your healing journey.

It's true, the healing journey isn't easy.

It's not pretty, or graceful, or linear

It's raw. It's gritty. It's vulnerable.

It breaks you open in a way you never knew you could be broken open.

It makes you fall apart, so you can forge your pieces back together

In a way that is more powerful, more resilient, than you've ever felt.

That is true healing.

It's time to heal.

It's time to heal by unlearning all of the false limits you've learned or inherited

that has sculpted the barrier that protects you.

Sure it protects you, but it also keeps you small.

Let's break that barrier, so the authentic YOU can emerge.

The YOU without societal limits manifesting as anxiety.

The YOU without feelings of unworthiness manifesting as an autoimmune condition.

The YOU without parent wounds from their own unhealed trauma manifesting as an unwillingness to move forward.

The YOU without the subconscious fears you adopted as a child manifesting as an impacted immune system.

The YOU who speaks her truth.

The YOU who sets boundaries to protect her energy.

The YOU who loves herself.

The YOU that’s ALIGNED AF forcing others to match your vibration and rise alongside you.

To do this, we must look at ourselves holistically.

We must treat the symptoms by getting to the root cause of the blockage.

We must consider your physical, emotional and energetic body as a matrixed, interconnected network.

This is how we heal. Truly. And fully.

This is what I'm here to do.

I'm here to awaken your Inner Healer.

To give you the tools you need to shine your f*ing light in this world.

Ready to rise?

Let's ignite your healing journey together.

Alchemy Immersion Experience (the details)

4-week immersion program allowing us to deep-dive into an integrative, guided, immersive healing experience to support your ascension journey. Through this holistic program we will take a look at ALL aspects of you - physical, emotional and energetic. We'll explore any wellness concerns, nutrition plans, blocks, limiting beliefs as we also explore the chakra system, tapping into your intuition and awakening your inner healer.


This experience is a non-traditional, integrative, holistic take on your ascension journey. This program will bring forth major shifts, as much as you allow, at a soul-level.


You'll receive all the support and tools needed to activate your healing resonance and build your healing toolkit. This program incorporates all of the following services and support, as needed:

  • Initial call to discuss healing journey and intentions

  • Weekly healings or other intuitive services tailored specifically for YOU to support your healing and ascension journey


Weekly healings/services include:

  • Intuitive Nutrition Plan - Initial and tune-up

  • Integrative Alchemy Sessions (weekly)

  • Healing "Prescriptions" Plan - in-depth healing plan based on a full-body scan. This healing plan will provide recommendations of remedies to address priority wellness concerns. Recommendations and guidance give you tools needed to activate healing resonance at all auric levels.

1:1 guidance and support to ignite your inner healer, enabling you to launch into your healing and ascension journey.

Sessions conducted as distance healing/readings. In person options available for those in the San Diego, CA area.

*After your booking, I will be in touch to schedule our introductory call and plan the Experience

Contact Us for details, payment plans, or any questions


available upon request

- Two Week Increment Add-Ons

- Family Packages