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Your ability to heal is within you. I'm here to help you unlock it.  To help you see you're already whole and complete.


Hello love!

I'm Saritha - an intuitive way-shower here to empower the awakened woman to find true healing at a soul level by igniting her inner healer, activating her soul blueprint and enabling her to SHINE her authentic light.

I support your healing journey through identifying blocks, limiting beliefs and patterns and supporting you as we transmute and release what's needed. Together, we create shifts at the root, allowing you to maintain a resonance to support continual healing.

WELCOME! I am a Quantum Energy Alchemist + Medical Intuitive here to help women uncover their inner healing potential.

I'm a healer who integrates everything I've learned to create custom wellness protocols for your unique energetic soul blueprint. We look at all aspects - physical, emotional and spiritual - enabling you to experience holistic healing, at the root of the matter, regardless of time, space or dimension.

My own journey has been a decade+ worth of effort to find wellness and balance for myself, my kiddos and my pup. We've been through the gamut of physical and emotional challenges - autoimmune conditions, deep viruses, brain injury, developmental/sensory issues, deep-rooted emotional blocks/trauma, ancestral patterns...the list goes on.

At my lowest point, after I had exhausted all known avenues, when I thought there was no path to health and happiness, I stumbled upon energy healing. Through harnessing holistic healing therapies coupled with energy healing modalities, we are improving steadily. We are still in the trenches of healing, but we have come so far. Through this journey, I've found my health issues do not define me.

But they have given me a purpose:

  • To empower women and mothers who feel lost and stuck in their healing journey

  • To be a pillar of support for anyone who is in the trenches trying to find a better way

  • To ignite your inner healer and empower you to embody your most authentic, bad ass self

Let's get to work.


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...and so much more

THANK YOU for visiting my creative space! I am genuinely passionate about showing you that YOU CAN HEAL.



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“For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. You'd be surprised how far that gets you.”
- Neil DeGrasse Tyson

For more about my family’s health and wellness journey, visit the blog and click on "My Journey."