Hi! I’m Saritha – a curious mama of two babes and a pup who loves learning, practicing and implementing all things healing -- whether that's crafting natural remedies, playing around with real food recipes, learning about herbs, crystals, any/all energetic healing modalities/practices and researching all things wellness. I’d like to share my passion by spotlighting how I integrate and transform these remedies, products, modalities, information into the trials and tribulations of my family’s wellness journey, hoping it will help you with yours. 

Wellness Crafted is the culmination of a decade of effort working to get myself, my kiddos and pup toward optimal health. We've been through many physical and emotional health challenges – autoimmune flares, allergies, lymphatic congestion, deep viruses, brain injury, developmental/sensory issues, deep-rooted emotional blocks and trauma...the list goes on. Through research, dedication, love and determination, I’ve harnessed holistic healing therapies to strengthen our immunity, release trauma and support the body's natural healing process, improving our overall wellness. I know first-hand how challenging it is to find the right information and the right protocol. There are SO many viewpoints out there; everything’s a guessing game, and the rules can (and do) change on you -- and YOU change on you. I’ve been through all of those frustrations, diets, remedies and challenges in search of what works for us. I'm still in the trenches of healing. I still get discouraged. But when I stop to reflect, I realize how far I’ve come. Yes, I still have work to do, but I truly have made it to the other side of many symptoms and issues. My health issues do not define me. But they have given me a purpose:


To help women who feel lost and stuck in their healing journey. To be a pillar of support for those mamas who are deep in the trenches of motherhood, trying to find a better way. To be an example by shedding my fears and letting my true, authentic self shine. To share my stories if only it'll help you with yours. To grow into an energy healer that radiates and heals with love. To be a continual source of guidance, support and healing for all of you.


This is the space I’ve created to share all of this – my journey, stories, blunders, successes, remedies, protocols, products, resources and recipes – with the hope it’ll save you even a little bit of heartache and frustration. While there is no one-size-fits-all-quick-fix, I want to provide tips and tricks to get you started on your path and start building and growing that healing tool kit. Let’s work together, support and motivate each other to find health, wellness and balance for our families. Because we all deserve it. 

Thank you for visiting my creative space! I am genuinely passionate about wellness and the collective journey to find our thriving, highest, most authentic selves. Check out my blogshop and other great resourcesSign up for email updates and, as always, please feel free to contact me with any questions!  


“For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. You'd be surprised how far that gets you.”

--Neil deGrasse Tyson

Note: If you would like to read more about my family’s health and wellness journey, visit the blog and click on "My Journey." 

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"The beautiful thing about life is every single morning you get the chance to create a better day than the last.”
–-Reyna Biddy

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